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Magnitude 7
Magnitude 7


Rhymes And Poetry About The Love Of The Fool Infatuation and Love Is Wisdom. late night Lo-fi beat. Got the idea while driving early in the morning. I've seen an opposite sex which captures my attention. Then when I look at the clock it says 3:17 I was thinking about writing a rap love song about the love of the fool and the Universe just gave me the idea. 


Much love from Magnitude 7
A power to the Christ kingdom
And a flower for Sophia

Driving at 3:17 a dark morning 
Passed by her as I was turning 
Hypnotic beauty makes me yearning
Steering Wheel cycles returning 
Mesmerizing make up so blinding
to open eyes its a spellbinding
Just want to eat her my teeth is grinding
Thirsty to the hour glass bottle winding
She takes you up to the air like balloon
Artificial flower Bait for a loon 
Trifecta for a diamond
a cover dark side of the moon
Masculine energy like a pimple pus
Inner volcano needs to blow and must
Get in the club inferno fast 
As my life partner awaits try not to get bust

Specious flowers & weed hue
Petrifying eyes of medusa to see through 
Tears from heart to water the seed true
Lying at 3:17 with you

Cloudy Thundering heart it seems
Eating the smoke of dreams
Hot barbeque of meat beams 
Silent sincere heart muted by screams 
Adonis as I listen to her call
Devouring the feminine reason for my fall
As she is red for my bull
I'm a fool for Her pull
Oh lady like a rose in red
Words I hold slips love had bled
you entice me with your poison charm.
I grab your stem thorns pricked with harm.
a worm or snake for my apple.
yearning burns deep wound struggle.
a veil of gust; the veil of lust.
as I bare stare flare glare dream dust.

Specious flowers & weed hue
Petrifying eyes of medusa to see through 
Tears from heart to water the seed true
Lying at 3:17 with you
To meet her she is Maya 
She fed Wild fantasies to the player
Pleasure to assure you're a stayer
Like a freezer it's a cold slayer

Preserving the I to fight and rule
Enslaved self fool for the drool 
Desiring her you become her tool 
Passive mind you will be stool

See her poke cause the music untune 
A cut which get you prune 
to your rationality like casted rune 
Sadly to itch we are not immune

True colors divulge in the dark.
look at heart's light when lust spark.
Turn on the light for true appearance to appear.
for love is truth that is in bare.

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Magnitude 7


Magnitude 7: I started doing music since high school. Creative writing is what I’m always passionate about. I write poems as a way to know myself and the world better and when I’ve met my high school friends who do rap then I’ve incorporated my poetry with this music. Who or what inspired you to get into music industry? Magnitude 7: As I do poetry I saw a way for me to express my imaginative ideas through music. Rap music especially since I don’t have the voice of a singer and through rapping, I can release that energy. I'm a big fan of Zack De La Rocha for his poetic revolutionary style and we are both intuitive and forward thinking natural man.