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Magnitude 7
Magnitude 7

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Magnitude 7 Shaking And Shining

Magnitude 7 Shares His Poetry Reading And Rap Music For Everyone To Enjoy And Get The Mind On.From Deep Lyrical Metaphors To Great Rhyme Scheme The Great Message Is Delivered Explosively.  Support The Magnitude 7 By Sharing The Music To Everyone And  Wearing Our Merchandise.

Magnitude 7


Magnitude 7: I started doing music since high school. Creative writing is what I’m always passionate about. I write poems as a way to know myself and the world better and when I’ve met my high school friends who do rap then I’ve incorporated my poetry with this music. Who or what inspired you to get into music industry? Magnitude 7: As I do poetry I saw a way for me to express my imaginative ideas through music. Rap music especially since I don’t have the voice of a singer and through rapping, I can release that energy. I'm a big fan of Zack De La Rocha for his poetic revolutionary style and we are both intuitive and forward thinking natural man.