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Ripe The Fruit

Magnitude 7



Candles lighted my book ago,
but fire's lit cease at a wind blow.
Breaking my fire when candle's drip.
Praying for my true twin flame's lit.

Blissful when God lit my twin flame,
satisfied no more funny game.
I can't read my book without it.
Praying for my true twin flame's lit.

No matter how hard wind may blow,
nor other dainty candles glow.
My fire's heat only to one lit.
Praying for my true twin flame's lit.

Candle's light has infinite bright.
"With true eternal, Twin Flame's lit."

Who are you? Nothing but the dreamer
know they self to be a Winner
In this garden of light where darkness is natural
Stay awake like a bat Nocturnal

Shadows dancing In the cave of perception
The Burn turns into a reflection
Out in the loud world a Silent voice to listen
Eternal flame is a great methapor for wisdom

sincerity to to hear True god’s Sermon
Read the book of the self to turn on
The light which lives in the heart and mind
There is the true gold that you will find

It's true there's gold at the end of the rainbow
Expression of the true you will make you glow
When you open yourself you will reach
The True meaning of being Rich

A seed of God to grow
Bare the fruit to glow

Let us unmask the beauty in disguise;
the eyes of lust will blind the eyes with lies.
the eyes of love affirms fineness inside,
It’s a transport that we drive and we ride.
the truth that lies buried within the heart.
cheat is a risk to crash and tear apart.
love and reason the law we must abide.
the eyes of conscience can see the hide.
but eyes are blind to what we need to eat.
lust spiced eyes and love is sweet.
when mixed in tongue the taste is bitter.
for beauty in disguise will test hunger.
the heat of lust will blow the heat of love.
gamble with lust lost what we really love.
the eyes of lust will blind the eyes with lies.
let us unmask the beauty in, disguise

A seed of God to grow
Bare the fruit to glow

In the middle of nowhere self burning
Rust dust in eyes walking sinking learning
fiery temptations to face and endure.
evil and good ignites in mind to lure.
weak minds weak soul are ash in burn.
one who only self seek never do learn
dissolved by heat from the trial of fire.
for he always follows its own desire.
ablaze to Light the torch of burning maze.
come dare to face the fire in face to face.
inspire to be rational and do aspire.
only the pure sees light for they face the fire.
be deaf from urge’s whisper: disprove submit.
walking with thirst inside desert of heat.
Hold the eternal flame with clear mind every heart beat
Just walk with thirst inside desert of heat

A seed of God to grow
Bare the fruit to glow


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Magnitude 7


Magnitude 7: I started doing music since high school. Creative writing is what I’m always passionate about. I write poems as a way to know myself and the world better and when I’ve met my high school friends who do rap then I’ve incorporated my poetry with this music. Who or what inspired you to get into music industry? Magnitude 7: As I do poetry I saw a way for me to express my imaginative ideas through music. Rap music especially since I don’t have the voice of a singer and through rapping, I can release that energy. I'm a big fan of Zack De La Rocha for his poetic revolutionary style and we are both intuitive and forward thinking natural man.